The state of Alabama has launched a new website for professional over the road truck drivers. The website located at was created to “…simplify commercial driver’s and related business interaction with Alabama state government.”

When visiting the site you will find information on permits and licensing, rules and regulations, federal info, roads and weather, tax information, safety issues and more. There are also maps, listings of rest areas and welcome centers along with the latest Alabama trucking news.

If you are driving in Alabama and need to know what roads are closed or you need a special permit this website should be your first stop for information.


It is very easy to get into a lengthy conversation with trucking industry folks about communication and the future of JIT – Just In Time logistics. Indeed recently we have been talking about all the great communication systems available and coming forth in the near future in the trucking industry.

And yet often we have neglected perhaps to discuss some of the excellent applications that are now possible with technologies like Virtual Real-Time dashboards, where the dispatcher at the trucking company can see what the driver sees on the dashboard?

The driver does not need to alert the dispatcher he needs a fuel stop or that he has a flat-tire or is stuck on the side of the road or even that he is going 10 mph average stuck in traffic. The dispatcher already knows all that because he can see exactly what is on the driver’s instrument panel and read the rest of the data on his computer in the dispatch office. In fact chances are he has re-adjusted the route accordingly and the estimated time of arrival.

All in real-time and thus no more guessing or estimating for the client waiting on delivery. At this level of communication, the Just in Time modeling is much more feasible in that it immediately shows any weakness or challenges allowing additional increased and incremental efficiencies.

Communication Systems in Trucking and The Trucking Industry have come a long way in the last decade and the Real Time Virtual Dash Boards are one major innovation that improve efficiency, save full and improve safety and it came Just in Time.

L. Winslow is a Transportation, Communications and Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur. Currently he is planning a bicycle ride across the US to raise money for charity and is sponsored by and all the proceeds will go to various charities who sign up.

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The Kansas City Business Journal reports  that area trucking companies are getting ready for more lean times during a freigh recession. 

“Transportation giant YRC Worldwide Inc. will attempt to reduce costs in the coming year by $100 million, which Chairman and CEO Bill Zollars said will include cutting an undetermined number of jobs. YRC employs about 2,600 people in the metro area.

Liberty-based American Central Transport’s 380-truck fleet is about 10 percent smaller than at the same time last year, COO Tom Kretsinger Jr. said.”

Find out more about this trend at the Kansas City Business Journal

Con-Way Freight, the trucking industry’s leading LTL transportation company has received the 2007 President’s Trophy award for the Large Fleet category from the Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council of American Trucking Associations (ATA). The company was honored on September 21st in Pittsburgh, PA during the ATA’s Safety and Human Resources National Conference. Winners of the President’s Trophy award have achieved superior safety records and demonstrated outstanding commitment to safety industry-wide and among all highway users.

Visit Con-Way Freight’s website to read the entire news release. 

Congratulations Con-Way Freight.

Four states that Internstate 7o passes through are looking at the feasibility of Truck Only lanes that would run from the Ohio-West Virginia border to Kansas City, MO. A $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation will pay for Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri to study ways to reduce traffic congestion and improve freight delivery on the 750 mile stretch of interstate. 

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