It’s Going To Be A Long Haul For The Trucking Industry Downturn

The Kansas City Business Journal reports  that area trucking companies are getting ready for more lean times during a freigh recession. 

“Transportation giant YRC Worldwide Inc. will attempt to reduce costs in the coming year by $100 million, which Chairman and CEO Bill Zollars said will include cutting an undetermined number of jobs. YRC employs about 2,600 people in the metro area.

Liberty-based American Central Transport’s 380-truck fleet is about 10 percent smaller than at the same time last year, COO Tom Kretsinger Jr. said.”

Find out more about this trend at the Kansas City Business Journal


  1. Raise the rates! this has been the same reason that has cost thousands of job’s and keep’s the ROI in the trucking industry so low.

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  3. The freight industry should be a liquid market where service and reliability dictate success. Everyone pays the same price for fuel and everyone essentially has the same vehicle options. The tradition has been that anyone with a dream can lease a truck, get a license and start making money. That is not the case anymore. There has been a huge shift towards company drivers because of the rising barrier for entry to the industry. Owner/Operators are becoming a thing of the past which is a very sad sign.

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